About us

Our Law Firm was established in 1995 in reply to the growing demand of the economic entities and natural persons for the specialised legal services from the various law branches. More than twenty years of the cooperation of the high class specialists within a frame of the Law Firm established its stable position in the regional market of legal services. We hold the highest place among the law offices in the north-eastern Poland according to a ranking prepared by Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper. In our work we focus on professionalism and specialization therefore we offer our clients the comprehensive legal services at the highest level in all law branches. The strength of our team consists in combining many years of experience with openness and an ability of going towards the dynamic changes in the contemporary world. We render our services to the benefit of the natural persons and economic entities, both on the basis of the one-time orders, and permanent legal services. In each case we are guided by the individual needs and interest of the client. We absolutely observe the rules of ethics for advocates. A satisfaction from our work and recommendations from our clients are our best pride. We also take pride in a presence of the Law Firm and the members of our team in the branch rankings of the law offices and advocates. The lawyers who work in the Law Firm are the active members of the advocate  professional corporation – we have in our circles the former and present judges and spokesmen of the disciplinary courts and members of the District Bar Council in Białystok. The Firm cooperates with the specialists from the tax law and accounting. We also ensure rendering services by the notaries who cooperate with us. We are the law office recommended by the Association of International Road Transport Carriers in Poland.


Janusz Piotr Kramer
Jan Oksentowicz
Jerzy Winarski
Andrzej Michał Wyszyński


Piotr Iwaniuk
Hubert Łapiński
Bartosz Parfieniuk
Andrzej Charkiewicz
dr Mateusz Olchanowski

Trainee advocate

Patrycja Marczak
patron adwokat Jan Oksentowicz
Jolanta Rudko
patron adwokat Hubert Łapiński
Grzegorz Augustyńczuk
patron adwokat Piotr Iwaniuk

Firma Adwokacka Białystok
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ul. Marii Curie Skłodowskiej 3,

15-095 Białystok


telefon: 85 744 70 52, 85 742 12 24

komórkowy: 693 708 404

telefon/fax: 85 744 71 78

e-mail: biuro@firmaadwokacka.eu

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